Lebanon County 911 - Active Incident Status

Road Closings

Entry DateTypeInformation Address Cross Street Nearest IntersectionLocation
5/26/2018 8:00:28 AMRoad-Street-Bridge Closure422 from 934 to Mill St for Parade MAINSTWHITE OAKST Annville Township
5/23/2018 8:37:55 AMRoad-Street-Bridge ClosureCOMPLETELY CLOSED500SPRUCEST  MIFFLIN ST / CROWELL STCity of Lebanon
5/22/2018 7:45:31 AMRoad-Street-Bridge ClosureCLOSED FOR APPROXIMATELY 2 WEEKS SWATARA DR/TERRACE LN    East Hanover Township
5/3/2018 8:23:16 AMRoad-Street-Bridge ClosureE Oak st to Swatara Dr MILLSTOAKST Jonestown Borough
12/15/2017 10:14:47 AMRoad-Street-Bridge ClosureClosed to ALL Traffic including vehicles and pedestrians200GOLFRD  FREEPORT RD / LIGHTS CHURCH RDBethel Township

Out of Service Hydrants

Entry DateTypeInformation Address Cross Street Nearest IntersectionLocation
5/8/2018 7:11:36 AMHydrant 1635LINCOLNAVE  OXFORD DR / MONTICELLO DRSouth Lebanon Township
5/7/2018 3:01:05 PMHydrantSW corner 11THSTCUMBERLANDST City of Lebanon
5/2/2018 12:57:22 PMHydrant  PINESTJADELLDR City of Lebanon

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