Lebanon County 911 - Active Incident Status

Controlled Burns

Entry DateTypeInformation Address Cross Street Nearest IntersectionLocation
11/23/2017 6:38:56 AMControlled BurnBrush Debris11WOLFLN  PARK DR, MOUNTAIN RD / DEAD ENDEast Hanover Township
11/18/2017 10:40:45 AMControlled BurnWood and Cardboard239REXMONTRD  IRON VALLEY DR / ANTHRACITE RD, LYNCH DRCornwall Borough
11/18/2017 9:51:13 AMControlled BurnBrush and Yard Debris157MOONSHINERD  SWALM LN / WHITE TAIL LNUnion Township
11/15/2017 12:06:06 PMControlled Burn 10804JONESTOWNRD  ONO RD / MAIN ST, LINCOLN SCHOOL RDEast Hanover Township
11/9/2017 7:23:24 AMControlled Burn 319PINE MEADOWRD  S PINE GROVE ST / DEAD END RDBethel Township

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