Lebanon County 911/EMA - Active Incident Status

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Active Fire/EMS Incidents

Incident No.Time DispatchedBox No.Incident TypeStreet Name Nearest IntersectionLocation
2018-0000017202-21-2018 15:5915-01LZ-LANDING ZONE  REX AVE, S 8TH ST / HAUCK ST, S 8TH STCity of Lebanon
2018-0000034702-21-2018 15:4031-01Med Class3FERNWOODDRW MCKINLEY AVE / W COLONIAL AVEJackson Township
2018-0000186002-21-2018 15:1740-01Med Class1SUNRISECTDEAD END / SEBASTIAN LNBethel Township

Last 12 Hours (Completed Incidents)
Missing Animals
Controlled Burns
Out of Service Hydrants, Road Closures
Out of Service Apparatus (Fire and Medical)

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